Welcome to my digital playground

General A1 and A2 are standing on opposite sides of a valley. The evil castle B is standing in the middle. There are multiple arrows drawn from A1 to A2 and back.

A story about food delivery apps and attacking a castle. The Two General’s Problem is a paradox in computer science that states that two parties can never reach a consensus over an unreliable communication line.

Can you spot the difference between a human and an artificial intelligence? Test your skills using the unofficial ChatGPT Turing Test and simultaneously contribute to a small research project.

A low-cost, hardware-based solution for turning a computer on and off at designated times, centered around the DS3231 RTC. It can be built within ~2 hours and should cost no more than 15 euros in materials.

WifiThermometer enables users to transfer (sensor) data between two ESP8266 microcontrollers while utilizing an existing WiFi network.

Build a minimal ATmega328P circuit… so you don’t need an Arduino anymore. And learn something about logic gates along the way.

A modern version of a classic (1972) game: 1D pong. The project involves flashy lights and futuristic 7-segment displays, but, most importantly: this is my first PCB!